Hi, I'm Steve Bishop, a full time dealer buying and selling art, antiques and vintage designer items. I have had a website for years, www.meridiangallery.co.uk, which detailed my stock, fairs and lots of research information with pictures. Sadly, my stock got lost amongst the info, I have redesigned the site to show stock items and fair information.

I was introduced to the idea of the blog by a friend who had been making quite a few £££ by way of clicks on adverts, well this sounded good so I have given it a go ................. and no not many £££ made by me I think it was £0.42 last month or was it in $$.

This blog sub titled Objects of Desire and Applied decorative Art has given me the opportunity to revisit the research I did for the original website. It is quite frightening to look at areas that were of interest 5 or 6 years ago but have now fallen quiet. My areas of knowledge has always been British Art Pottery, especailly the slightly obscures local interest ones, like Ashtead Potters, Upchurch Pottery or even Dicker Ware. How times change, Dicker is now unsaleable, Upchurch interest has fallen whilst Ashtead has become main stream !!

As a reaction to changes in the buyers tastes the style of my stock and areas of interest has also changed. I think I have fallen into the same trap and developed an interest in an even more obscure areas of art and design; the woodblock and linocut print !! I know there are many enthusiasts out there who have an almost academic interest in them, which unfortuantly does always mean they have an interest in owning an example !!

I can see from the statistics that many of you are using this blog as a free research tool, thank you. However, I do not seem to be getting many comments, followers or click of the adverts - I must be doing something wrong.

From time to time I have been asked to publish articles on art and design and yes I will publish relevent researched and illustrated articles for you.

I have now added another blog to my portfolio of websites, called www.screengoddess.co.uk. Which a spin off from the research about the Hollywood actress that are the subject the prints and etching of Frank Martin. My current forsale stock can still be view at www.meridiangallery.co.uk.

Many thanks to you readers, followers and those of you who have click on ads and links