Saturday, 17 September 2016

Studio Pottery Vase - Mystery

I need a little bit of help attributing this vase to the correct potter.

Initally it looks quite crude - almost school art room project. That is until you have a look at the marking on the underside.

It is thrown, then flattened to an ovoid  shape and with a cut top to create an asymetrical form. Decorated with an icised pattern of psuedo runes ?

A very clever and well made monogram seal mark has been impressed in to the underside before firing. The monogram looks to read RC or CR or possibly RG or GR. A school room would not have gone to the trouble or cost of creating a seal, that might only be used once or twice. I have assumed that this is the mark of a potter set up to create "multiples" either a keen amateur or a more porfessional set up.


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