Friday, 22 April 2016

Italian Art Pottery - Deruta

Who made this ??

It's an Italian art pottery model of a green donkey pulling a brightly coloured cart. Nothing usunual about that, I hear you say - other than it's size. Normally seen as small models about 10cm long and bought whilst on holiday in Italy - many potters would and still do make them, many are poor quality whilst others have a controlled naive quality, as if a very good potter is trying to dumb down !! This one has a bit of that but is really only unusal because of it's size -- 34cm long ??

The is a pencil price on the underside of 32/6 does this mean 32 shilling and 6 pence ?? - that was quite a lot.

... and also a painted makers mark of "40003 Deruta Italy"

What does this mean and who made it ?How do I interpret this mark - Deruta is a town in the Umbria region of central Italy renown for it's maiolica tin glazed pottery but what does the 40003 stand for ? Is it a pattern number or perhaps a telephone or postcode? Any help ??