Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Darby ?? - Boudoir Art

.... have a look for yourself; but I think this reads as Darby ??

A signature found under this  etching dating to the mid 1920's. As with much of the boudoir art lesser lights the composition is a little formulaic; pretty girl whistfully picking fruit whilst wearing her best ball gown.

This signature, as below, seems to read either "Darby" or "Darly" - which ever it is, I have not come across before. The style reminds me of A Ferat, another that feature in an earlier posting (Click here), even the colours are similar, but the signature. Most probably both artists were commissioned by the same publisher and as a result both etchings printed by at the same press, using the same range of colours.

If you can add to this story or have seen any others signed like this - then leave a comment.