Saturday, 6 September 2014

Around The Houses - Sept 2014

I have not posted one of these summaries of auction lots for sometime - sadly not enough woodblock prints have come up for sale recently, to justify any posts. Here are just a few that are lotted to sell at auction this month.

Eric Hesketh Hubbard ROI RBA ARWA (1892-1957)
On The Road (Gypsy Caravan)
Lot 1491 - Woolley & Wallis - 10th Sept 2014
Estimate - £100-150
These two are being sold in one lot. I have always liked Eric's prints, they are often unsophisticated simply constructed images, not too arty but very easy to live with. The estimate is very fair and I expect them to sell towards the lower end of the estimate. A fews years ago I would have been bidding and the high estimate would have been more probable.

Also in this sale is and lot 529
containing an striking print, which seems to be titled "The Pool" and signed Tom Clark ??

'Sunbather' - Frank Martin (1921-2005)
An artist that I am very familiar with; but not this image.
It is a linocut that was published in 1950 in a small but unrecorded number.
A very early work for the artist and listed as his 9th published work.
Lot 636 - Andrew Smith Auctioneers - 9th Sept 2014
Estimate - £100-150 (low, very fair)

also there is
'Dancer' - Frank Martin (1921-2005)
This one dates to 1952 with edition size unrecorded.
Lot 671 - Estimate £100-150

 Lot 694 - "The Stream" by Ethelbert White (1891-1972)
A powerful image - a linocut signed in pencil.
Estimate - £150-200

Gertrude Hermes OBE RA (1901-1983) - Spring Trees,
woodcut, signed, dated 1957
Lot 216 - Lacy Scott & Knight - 12th Sept
Estimate - £80-120
a little too arty for my taste, lacks the draughtmanship of others.
Still very good value.

and finally

'White Cat', 1919 - Norbetine Bresslern-Roth (Austrian, 1891-1975).
Lot 108 - High Roads Auction W4 - 9th Sept 2014
Estimate £200-300

This not a complete review, just my initial selection. There are plenty of Japanese woodcuts and many more modern art editions but there are a few more interesting lots that I will feature over the next few days.
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