Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Birmingham Guilds Tray

Here is another recent purchase, an unsigned arts and crafts copper tray decorated with a punched pattern on the outer rim. This caught my eye amongst a miriad of junk at a recent sale, It looked familiar but I couldn't quite recall the maker - for the money asked I just bought it. Attribution could wait, as I was sure that I would recall the name.

I could see from the construction that it was well made, planished with a hand rolled rim - all the hallmarks of a skilled maker - but no visable makers marks.

.... and then it came to  me !! it by The Birmingham Guild Ltd; of course it's obvious, those punched rim patterns and the crisp almost art deco forms are almost their signature. A few searchs of Google images quickly took me to a website selling a virtualy identical tray -- SEE below and theirs is signed with a stamped mark, which just confirmed the attribution.

Seen at

 "The Birmingham Guild Ltd" were the last flourishings of the "Birmingham Guild of Handicraft"; a company established c1890 as part of the Birmingham Kyrle Society. With Arthur Dixon and Montague Fordham as directors. They remained active into the 1950's and were still shown in directories as "The Birmingham Guild Ltd., Architectural & Decorative Metalworkers" of Grosvenor Road West and Sherbourne St. .

At the time of posting my tray was forsale at

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