Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Arts & Crafts Trivet Mystery ??

Here is a lovely copper arts and crafts tripod trivet -- although unmarked, it's shape and decoration mean that it's maker is obvious. Even though I know who made it, can I prove beyond doubt ???

Over many years trading I have bought and sold this type of stand many times, sometimes round and other time square or rectangular. Most of the time stamped with a makers mark and occassionally, like here, unmarked -- have you guessed yet ???

Here are two more examples of similar ---

The lower version is the same pattern as mine but the construction of the legs differs, only 2 rivets rather than 3. This design is inherently weak and most examples that survive are usually repaired where the rivets have pulled through the copper. Both these examples a signed with the stamped KSIA mark !!

.... proof that they are all made at the Keswick School of Industrial Art in Cumbria, England. Also a similar shaped trivet can be seen on page 39 of the book The Loving Eye and Skilful Hand: The Keswick School of Industrial Arts - Click on title to find a copy.

Not really a mystery to those who know - yet it is reassuring that I can prove the attribution.
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