Saturday, 10 May 2014

Frank Martin - A Collection

Regular readers of my postings will know that I have a liking for the work of the British artist Frank Martin. My earlier postings about him and his work are always at or near the top of the "Popular This Week" stats and have been for years.

 "Two Figures, Red & Black" 1968

However, I probably have not been "fair" with my choice pictures to  share with you. My personal favourites are his Hollywood actresses, striking compositions of beautiful women from the golden age of Hollywood's silent and early talking pictures..... of course there is more to his art. Before and overlapping with his earlier Hollywood period, is large body of work which I describe as "the arty stuff" ..... you know technically excellents works that either you need to learn to appreciate or a style that has fallen out of favour.

"Two Figures, Blue" 1968

Luckily, now I have the opportuity to share a few with you as I have been asked to try and find homes for a large collection of his pictures. Including the first two shown above; two etchings from 1968 published in an edition of 50. They work as companion pieces with secend showing a greater degree of stylization, one more set towards abstraction.

"Torso" 1968

"Torso" from 1968 is an etching on copper of a truncated female nude, without being distasteful as some can be. It is a strong a confident composition, still very modern looking which would sit easily with contemporary interior design. When compared to the life study "Julia" from 1967 (below); "Torso" is an artistic representation of the female form whilst Julia is just charming and delicate.

..... and for a stylised female; try the woodcut called "Red Head" from 1960. Very strong, love it or hate !!

and another from the collection is .........

"Divinities of the Pigale"

There is more to this collection including many art deco and Hollywood etchings and woodcuts. Many will be exhibited at "The Buxton Antiques & Fine Art Fair" 15th - 18th May 2014 -- CLICK HERE for tickets
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