Friday, 14 March 2014

Around The Houses - March 2014

Just a short posting to keep you informed of some of the woodcuts and woodblock prints coming up for sale at auction in the next few week.

Woolley & Wallis - Pictures 19th March
York - Emile Antoine Verpilleux (1888-1964)
Lot 76 estimated at £100-200
I am so tempted by this one, but NO; I must be disciplined - leave it for the collectors.

This sale also has a Edward Loxton Knight woodcut and a vaste collection of fantastic Herbert Dicksee etching. Have a look they are wonderful, a little out of fashion but very reasonable.

 Anderson & Garland - 25th March
Lot 50 - Hans Frank (1884-1948)
"SEAGULLS" signed and dated '23 

Tennants - 29th March
Norbertine Bresslern-Roth
Lot444 - Est £300-500
They also have 2 others by this artist but this is my pick.

Just a small selection - there are many more pictures includung Edward Bawden (souless) and more minor names - have search through online auction catalogues and see what you can find.

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