Saturday, 7 December 2013

Blair Mystery Solved ??

... further to my earlier posting "J Blair - Art Pottery Figures"

I think I might have a lead to the identity of the artist.

Today I headed of to the monthly fleamarket at the Maltings in Farnham. Years, ago this event was a "must go" buying opportunity with many antique stall, coupled with another market across the road it was always worth a look. Mainly minor items but the occassional "big find". However, like so many the little market has gone and the Malting's is only a shadow of it's former antiques self. Today, mainly crafts, vintage, new and "vintage crafts" together with a few antiquey stall.

Anyway, not much to report -- but on my way home I stopped at the Bourne Antique Centre to have a look round, which like the  fleamarket has trended away from just antiques and now includes the "vintage look". In amongst the items I spotted this studio pottery vase, quite unremarkable as much studio pottery is but always worth a look just in case it's a lost Hans Coper or Bernard Leech.

... and as you can see it is signed "Jean M Blair" - is this our mystery artist ? and who is she ?

A quick bit of googling revealed this watercolour painting -- With this decription - "Barns at Long Sutton' dated 1984 and signed lower right Jean M. Blair ( British artist based in Farnham, Surrey. Exhibited widely for many years)"

May be our artist ? although I can't quite see the connection between the studio pot, the watercolour or the figure; other than a quite naive style. Mystery not yet solved but a possible line for more investigation.

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