Tuesday, 12 November 2013

EMD - Scottish Painted Pottery Mystery

This attractive hand painted art pottery vase was recently purchased on a gut feeling and for it's look. I was immediately drawn to this, even though it was tucked away in a dusty corner of a "collector's" centre. From the moment I saw it, I knew it was by the Scottish pottery decorating concern, "Mak'Merry" - imagine my surprise when I saw the mark - so much for my expert knowledge.

This is so much like a another bottle I sold a few years ago that their must be a connection - but what ?? Who was EMD ?

The shape of the bottle looks to confirm a Scottish original as I have found two other examples of painted pottery using the blank. One was marked Bough and the other MakMerry !! - which doesn't really help as it suggests that the two largest studios bought blanks from the same source. Is our mystery EMD a decorator at either or another artist who also buys blanks from this source ??

Bough on left is dated 1924 and Mak'Merry dated 1923 on right.
same bottle as our mystery ?

Do the decorators marks help ?? Yes and No - the bowl illustrated below has similar the initials of CMD marked on the bottom and the webmaster as www.dustystuff.co.uk remarks "A Large dish painted with different fruits, the reverse with leaves, mark CMD, and a leaf, possibly related to Dolly Watson and Elizabeth Amour ?" (Link) The Armour's are the Bough connection and Dolly was the artist at "Leaf Pottery" 

---- So, in conclusion -- still a mystery -- Can you help ??

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