Sunday, 17 November 2013

Around The Houses - November 2013

The first few of this selection of works coming up for sale at auction in the next few weeks are all to be found in Keys Fine Art Auctioneers Select Quality Picture Sale on 6th December

These 3 woodcut or maybe linocut prints are all by the Scottish artist Margaret Romanes (b1893). They are titled; Fir Cones (right) from an edition of 20; Still Life With Blue Jug 2/20 (top) and STRIFE 3/17 (below). They are lotted as one; with an extra impression of Fir Cones. All are signed and numbered in pencil to lower margins

 Lot 401 with £200-300 estimate.
Sold - £217.80 - just under estimate plus premium.

I like these pictures, lots of colour, simple stylisation. Nothing too pretentiously arty !!

Lot 422 - Figures by A Tree - Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956)
coloured woodblock, 7 x 7in, signed in pencil. - Estimate £150-200
A typical dark and moody composition by Brangwyn.
One of several works by him in the sale
Sold - £157.30 - just under estimate plus premium.

Lot 424 - Clifford Cyril Webb (1895-1972)
 coloured linocut, signed, numbered 2/20 - Estimate £100 - £150
Sold - £169.40 - mid estimate plus premium.

A Reeve colour woodblock, Sudbury Market no. 9/10 circa 1940
Burstow and Hewett Auctioneers -  Lot 111 - 20th Nov Picture Sale
The artist is probably Agnes Reeve - see my earlier post agnes-reeve-printmaker
Comes with 3 other pictures by Peter Carreras and with an estimate of £50-70 they seem value for money.
SOLD for £47.20 inc premium

also at Burstow and Hewett are;

Edith A Hope colour woodblock print, 
Continental street scene, signed in pencil, no. 3/50, 8" x 10",
Lot 173- estimate £50-70
SOLD for £70.80 inc premium

Katharine Jowett colour woodblock print,
Oriental street scene, signed in pencil, 8" x 5.5"
Lot 172 - estimate £50-70
I normally like these - but not this time. I am sure some will and buy it for a good price as I will not be running them up !
SOLD for £94.40 inc premium - Now I wish I had bid !!

.... and these two Seaby's should go well !! unusual subjects.

Allen William Seaby (1857-1953)
"A Goat and Kids by a Tree" and "A Hare", each signed in pencil in the margin, woodcut prints, image sizes 22 x 31cm.; 8.75 x 12.25in and 20 x 25cm.; 8 x 10in - to be found as Lot749 at  Peter Wilson Fine Art Auctioneers. and with a very wide estimate of £200 to £400. They not sure of their value !!

YOSHIJIRO URUSHIBARA (1888-1953) Japanese; Stonehenge by Moonlight
Rowley Fine Art - Lot 755 19th Nov - estimate £100-150

.... and another

Yoshijiro Urushibara (1888-1953) Chinese. ‘Goldfish’, woodcut, Unframed, 11” x 14.5”.
John Nicholsons Auctioneers Lot1016 Estimate £50 - £100

..... and before you correct me. I know Urushibara was NOT Chinese. That is only the professional opinion of the Fine Art Auctioneer. I hope this selection prompts a few follower to bid and buy. All these picture have merit, a good selection that need to find appreciative buyers -- Good Luck.
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