Friday, 6 September 2013

Sleepy Children - Today on Ebay

Sorry; but this a blatant advert for two etchings that I am trying to sell on eBay. Both follow the theme of sleeping children and both have stories attached.

This one is signed M R Ward and date "09"

..... and this is by Cedric Hodgson or the Baron of Rye

Both a sensitive studies of children and a both quite small. Just the size that sold very well a few years age, much like the subject. The first was one of 2 similar studies I had for sales at the last Antiques for Everyone, the other was bought by "celebrity" dealer Mark Hill to use in his lectures on what to buy !! Naturally a lady fell in love with it and tried to buy it from Mark; sadly for her it was not for sale. As any good dealer would, he told the lady that she was in luck as he could point her to our stand with another similar picture of the same girl and still for sale. 

Soon after I sold the picture. Only for it to be returned 10 minutes later !! What & Why ? Well she had fallen in love with the other etching and this just wasn't the same !! I know many a dealer would have said "Sorry, darling, too late" but no; I returned her the money and here it is.

The second etching "Poppy Sleeps" is adorable, especially with the little Golly watching over her. This picture has already featured on this blog and was for sale on my gallery site - Where it was view by an enthusiast of this artist who emailed me to advise that they had not seen this picture before. A gauarnteed sale you would think --- NO

So --- there they are on Ebay for the whole world to bid on -- have look and watch. You will be amazed at the price they make.

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