Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sleepy Children - eBay Results & John Brunsden

Not much to report -- As I guessed, I was surprised at the sale price of these two pictures.

The Cedric Hodgson "Poppy Sleeps" made the distressing amount of £9.99 !! Whilst the M R Ward failed to sell. With hand on heart; I really knew they were going to struggle. Why ?? everything about them is out of favour. Small is yesterday's size -- everything, including pictures has to super sized. Black and white is last centuries colours, minor artists and finally in today climate of political correctness, who wants to be seen buying pictures of other peoples young children!!

This week on eBay I am trying these --

Both are etching aquatints by the contemporary British art printmaker John Brunsden. The subject matter is quite different to the majority of pictures by him. Often his compositions are expansive stylised landscapes with sweeping vistas and mesmerising  perspectives.

I don't know whether the differences makes my pictures more or less desirable -- or perhaps just different. I will just wait and see.
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