Friday, 27 September 2013

Around the Houses - Orlik & Friends

...... another instalment of my continuing series of "Around the Houses" high-lighting original woodcut, linocut and woodblock prints coming up for sale at auction houses around the UK.

Emil Orlik (1870-1932) - woodblock print
`Woman Gathering Wood in a Forest`
Lot 1763 - Woolley & Wallis - 20th Century Design 9th Oct
Estimated at £250-£350

also at Woolley & Wallis is ....

Lot 1595 John Hall Thorpe (1874-1947) "The Caravan"
Estimate £80-120 - a very fair estimate and I expect it to sell for above this price. Although the colours look to be better than most, the paper looks, from the photos, to be discoloured and will need a clean to revive it.

Horace W Tuck - "Fishermen in a Rowing Boat"
Lot 83 - Keys Fine Art Auctioneers - Picture Sales 4th Oct 2013
A small 4x7 inch woodblock print by Horace W Tuck (1876-1951).
He was a landscape painter printmaker and a member of the Norwich Art Circle. From the picture I have seen he painted in oil and watercolours, produced black line engraving as well creating this simple one block woodcuts. All seem to be local East Anglian views and subjects.

Mokuchu (Yoshijiro) Urushibara (1888-1953)
Carnations in a vase
Lot 150 - Bloomsbury Auctions - Watercolours, Drawings & Prints 17th Oct
I have in the past sold the more striking black back ground version of this image. I had it in stock for over 3 years and failed to sell it for a figure close to the £200-£300 estimate on this one. I always believed it was worth that and I am sure they will sell it - I was just the wrong person in the wrong place.

Elizabeth Keith (1887-1956)
Moro Boy, Philippines
Lot 138 - Christie's South Kensington - Travel, Science & Natural History
10th Oct 2013 - Estimate £600-800

Isabel de B Lockyer (exhibited 1914-1939).
"The Shop Window" the original design for a linocut, gouache on paper, signed in ink and dated 1930.The auctioneers say- "Little is known about the artist, though her work bears the influence of the Grosvenor School and William Giles."
Lot 159 - Dominic Winter Auctions - Two Day Sale of Paintings etc
Estimate - £500-800

Edward Gordon Craig (1872-1966),
A Seated Figure Outside A Restaurant
Linocut, signed with monogram and dated 1899
Lot 721 - Sworders - Debden Manor 'An Architect's Eye

A small but excellent selection available in the next few weeks. Don't panic, I wouldn't be trying to buy any off these. You will not be "run up" by me, although I am sure some will be keenly contested. I will be at the Woolley & Wallis sale but not bidding on either the Hall Thorpe or the Orlik. I am not sure that the Orlik will sell but the Hall Thorpe will; and probably to some one bidding online.

My personal favourite image is the Isabel Lockyer, the technically best is the Urushibara and the most important "artistically" is either the Emil Orlik or Edward Gordon Craig.

Good luck if bidding.
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