Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pierre Theunis - Medals

These medals are absolutely lovely, true works of art. The female form depicted with a delicate touch and not overtly sexual - simple a delight to look at.

All these were created by the Belgium artist, sculptor and medallist, Pierre Theunis (1883-1950)

Born, Petrus Josephus Theunis, Pierre Theunis was a artist sculptor born in Antwerp, Belgium on 1st May 1883 and died at Schaerbeek on 24 April 1950 . Such was his memory that the town of Schaerbeek named a street after him. As if his works of art weren't enough of a legacy.

 This talented artist created many commemorative medals including. Leopold III, Banque de Bruxelles, Banking Reform, Bronze Medal, 1935 and the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Participation Medal.
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