Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fact or Fictious - Signed or Re-signed

Recently, I was contacted by an anonymous reader who was seeking an expert opinion on a "boudoir art" print by Maurice Milliere (1871-1946) they had seen for sale and were considering purchasing. They appeared to have some reservations about it's authenticity.

So here it is ----

.......... and she is so lovely. A commercial round shape and fully signed in pencil. 

In fact it is a print that I have been try to find, since I saw it illustrated in the book Boudoir Art: The Celebration of Life (Schiffer Book for Collectors). The only problem is that the author attributed it to the painter printmaker Gustave Brisgand (1867-1944) !! A talented artist specialising in boudoir art oil paintings and some etchings. However, he is not the same man as Milliere.

At least one person has got this wrong. But who ??

Firstly lets looks at the model. I have often noted that artists tend to have a style of girl. In fact Milliere based most of his Boudoir picture on one unknown girl and Brisgand's model although different have a similar look to each other.

Here is Milliere --

 --- and here is Brisgand

for me the lower group of Brisgand models look a better bet.

and now for that signature.

as written on this picture...
 .... and as seen on other Milliere pictures.
an early and a later signature.

There is something a little contrived about the first one, as if the writer was just trying a little too hard to sign the picture.

.... and if you have not already drawn your own conclusion. Here is a page from the Fantasio magazine which titles the composition as "L'Ami de Toutes les Heures" and is by Brisgand.

Very sad - some time in the past an ill informed or unscrupolous person has added this spurious signature to a genuine work of art and in doing so, has destroyed it's integrity. Although still a lovely image; everytime you look at it, you just know it's wrong --- there is no pleasure in that.

No doubt the signature was added to enhance it's value ?? but now ?? to me it is worthless.

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