Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Richard Fath (1900-52) - Medals

If you like dogs, then you will love the work of Richard Fath.

Richard Fath was an artist of extraordinary talent who, when his peers were working in the accepted, stylized mode of the art deco, chose to depict his dogs as real animals with their own unique character. Whilst many artists were limited to one main product, however talent they were - eg painter in oil or sculptor, Richard was able to apply his skill equally to painting, sculpture (plaster, pottery or bronze) and miniature medals in bronze.

Greyhounds in bronze - all power and grace !!

The vast majority of his work was of pedigree breeds of dogs. He knew the prominent breeders of his day, as well as the officials and staff of the Société Centrale Canine, the French equivalent of the Kennel Club, creating some of the finest models of pedigree dogs from the age.

 He studied at the studio schools of Saint-Maur-des-Fosséés and at the studio of Falguièère-Merciéé-Boucher. He won numerous awards during his lifetime including an Honorary mention for his stone sculpture of Charlie van den Ruhmeshall, a Great Dane, at the Salon des Artistes Franççais.

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....and to prove that he was limited to one subject...

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