Monday, 13 May 2013

Hall Thorpe - Modern Homes Magazine Prints

I recently came across these colour prints of painting by John Hall Thorpe. They are not my normal type of print as they are not "original" works of art but reproductions of paintings - I prefer the woodcuts by Hall-Thorpe.

Never the less - they are of interest and fill a gap in any collection of pictures by this artist and best of all they are affordable !! You will find relatively common original pencil signed woodcuts with prices up to and some times more than £395.00 - of course they will be perfect - clean, spotless and beautifully framed.

This decorative pair are a fraction of that price and fill a gap in any Hall Thorpe collection - they are part of his story. They date to 1933 and were given away with the Modern Homes Magazine, see Gerrie's articles on the subject on his wonderful bog The Linosaurus - LINK


Each image is 19.5cm by 17.5cm and the frames are 29cm by 23.5cm. These two are in average condition, some fading, slightly wrinkly, one has a scratch and both frames, whilst original are worn. I am asking £65.00 plus postage for the pair, so email me if these are of interest to you.

Update -- 24th July 2013

You are too late !! NOW sold and hanging in a new home.

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