Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Eric Slater - The Full Story

"Slater's Sussex. The Colour Woodcuts of Eric Slater"

The long awaited monograph book on the popular Sussex watercolour and wood cut artist Eric Slater (1896-1963) has now been published. Congratulations must go to James Trollope, the author, for his efforts in researching the life and works of Slater.

I posted on this subject (LINK) back in Feb 2011 detailing what information was easily available to the book/internet based researcher (me) and that was not much. James has researched Slater's life following many leads to piece together full picture of the artist behind these attractive pictures.

The book cleverly places Slater within the context of art scene in the 1920's and 30's with connections to other noted printmakers such as Arthur Rigden Read, Allen W Seaby, Urushibara and John Edgar Platt through the Society of Graver-Printmakers in colour.

the cover image in full

Most useful to collectors (and dealers) is the catalogue raisonne of known works, both watercolours and prints. There are many more compositions than I expected and I am sure that in the future this volume will become the reference work for Slaters. No doubt as other images are discovered dealers will boast of their new "un-recorded" discoveries as "not in the book".

Well done James, before reading this, I really thought of Slater as an independent printmaker, almost working in isolation in rural Sussex with little or no connection to the art establishment --- perhaps I should have done more research. This volume adds weight to Slater as an artist rediscovering his worth, the story of his life makes his prints some how more complete.

If you have more information about his life or have discovered the "un-recorded" picture then please email me and I will pass the information on.

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Other websites dedicated to Eric Slater, include;
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