Monday, 6 May 2013

DeQuery - Boudoir Art Mystery

Today I pose a challenge
HELP !!  assistance required to identify this artist.

A lovely pair of art deco boudoir etchings c1925 of sweet girls. Possibly part of a series of seasons ? May be Autumn and Summer. Everything you want from the genre !! except who created them?

These two boudoir etchings recently came up for sale on eBay France with a typical French listing along the lines of  "here are 2 art deco etchings of girls similar to Icart, signed in pencil" no more information and no biographical information on the artist. As you can see from the signature, I'm not surprised. This is almost unreadable, with many possible interpretations. DiQueey, Dequery, Diquery and many more. Can you read it ? and do you know anything about the artist ?

All help welcome
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