Thursday, 7 February 2013

S Grun - Medals

This medal has always made me smile - have a little laugh to myself. Why ?? perhaps it's my odd ball sense of humour that find the front and back of the this medal inappropriately funny. A lovely art nouveau maiden trumpeting the success of Mr & Mme Laurent being awarded -- The Cross of the Legion of Honour for Pork Butchers !! First prize for the best pork sausage !!

When the artist designed this medal front, I'm sure he didn't envisage it being used for such as prestigious award. The artist in this case is S Grun - German perhaps, not sure.

Although Grun has germanic sound to it, I think that this artist was probably French, only based on the medals seen. All are French and French event. I guess, there is no reason why he couldn't have been of German decent. By now you probably realise that I can't find any biographical information relating to this artist -- so all we left with are the medals.

There is a distinct progression of style from the classical related studies, all angels and putti, through art nouveau to a very clean art deco look.

Classical period up to c1915



a more art deco feel of the 1930's

animal studies seem to a speciality - I found several other design.

 There are no facts about S Grun, other than the medal and from these I suggest a working date of c1910 to 1940, although many of the award medals would have used for many years after.

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