Monday, 10 September 2012

Opstand ! - Mystery Printmaker

Another mystery print - a linocut that I bought and sold a few years ago, long before I started my adventures in the blogsphere. These blogs are now such a powerful research tool that I am sure one of our continental friends will solve this mystery within days !

A super strong striking image titled "Opstand !" a name that would suggest an artist from the Netherlands. 

It is annotated in pencil "handdruk" to indicate that the impression was made without the use of a mechanical printing press, but by using hand pressure, polishing/pushing the paper onto the block in a similar technique to Japanese print making.

In addition there is an indistinct monogram in pencil plus the artist's name and date within the block. Which could read as '28 and ???arend or perhaps ? Arend --- any suggestions.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

L H Grandgerard (1880-1970) - Boudoir Art

Lucien Henri Grangerard (1880-1970) was a French born artist, working predominately in oil of landscapes and figural subjects. He is especially known for his oil paintings of boudoir art subjects; scantily dressed or more often undressed young ladies in bedroom and dressing room setting. The oil painting version of the print boudoir art of the likes of Louis Icart or Maurice Milliere, perhaps not as risque or comical as the etchings but still beautifully executed and easy to view.

However, like many painters, he seems to have created a small number of etchings of similar subjects. Perhaps as an easier to sell cheaper alternative to his painting or to cash in on the success of more commercial etchings of Icart and his followers.

Is the girl in the oil painting and the etching on the left the same model ? she looks similar, I guess it suggests we have the correct artist, despite the differing styles....... and to prove beyond doubt here are some sample signatures.

For such a prolific artist Grandgerard, seems to have left permanent mark on history other than the legacy of his pictures. I can not find anything about his life other than his dates of 1880-1970, these are used by all the respected auction houses and art websites, but I can't find the source.

Someone must know more ?

Some the oils viewable on the amazing www are detailed "finished" painting whilst others, as seen on the right, have more sketchy impressionistic style. The dates seen on his paintings range from 1932-1959, with a date of c1935 for his etchings.

Titles of his female studies include; "Petit Dansuese Au Miroir", "Jeune Femme Se Maquillant", "Le Repos" but they are usually listed with a simple discriptive titled, such as; "Reclining Nude" or "A Nude Study of a Young Woman". Auction result vary considerably from a few $100's up to $8000.

In the boudoir print world he would be considered a "minor artist" which wouldn't be fair - a talented artist who created some intoxicatingly beautiful paintings of women.

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

S Fonseca - boudoir art

Another artist to add to the list of those creating Boudoir Art etchings during the inter-war period. Initially  viewed another etching on a well known online auction site which clarified my confusion. Apparently it should be read as "S Fonseca"

This small scale dry point etching is signed S Fonseca and is most likely to be French dating to c1930. A slightly too sweet a subject for me with the "girl" teasing cupid with a cherry ? but appealing, I think this is one for the ladies, not the more risque Maurice Milliere "Poupee" that are much admired by the male collector. Quite a commercial image and probably easy to sell in a good clean gallery condition.

But ......... who was S Fonseca ? 

Here is the more recent "find" - the seller doesn't offer any more information on the artist.

You can easily understand my confusion on how to read this signature.

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