Saturday, 21 January 2012

Z is for ... - Animal Woodblock ABC

Z is for ... Zebra

I do not expect too many -- at least the first one is a stunner !!

Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995)

and a modern Zebra
Robert Viana
An American artist printmaker who studied "studio art with a printmaking focus" at Plymouth State University - Link

and to finish where I started with
Nobertine Bresslern Roth

And to finish .............. and to prove this was not such a bad idea

To see a complete ABC of woodcut prints by the American artist; John Preble - Click here to view complete series. Although not all are animal, most are. His art is exhibited in museums, homes of celebrities and the White House. As a print maker, he is influenced by the art deco woodcut prints of the 1920’s

Friday, 20 January 2012

Y is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

Y is for ... "Yellow Billed Stork"

Yes there really is a bird call the Yellow Billed Stork or Mycteria Ibis - we all known the one, as it is often caricatured as the bird that brings the new born babies.

"The Stork in the Heavens"
Barry Moser (American b1940)

I have found a few stork and although they have yellow/orange bills, they are not quite the correct breed. They are, however, all very good examples of the art of woodblock printing.

Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

Hisui Sugiura 1876-1965

Thursday, 19 January 2012

X is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

X is for ... Xerus or commonly known as African Ground Squirrels

"Tucker Time - African Ground Squirrel"
charcoal engraving on board by Steve Morvell
an Australian nature artist whose work has appeared in many books and postage stamps.



Xylocopa or Large Carpenter Bees

The Violet Carpenter Bee and The Southern Carpenter Bee
a watercolour by Valerie Littlewood - Link

This is my only real cheat in the whole alphabet - no linocuts, woodblocks, woodcut or wood engraving to be found. Any suggestions -- the second squirrel ?? photoshop.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

W is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

W is for ... Wildebeast

I thought this one would be difficult - not the finding of W animals but would they have inspired any artists.

Just for fun I tried Wildebeast, with no real expectation of finding anything -- but WOW. How wrong could I be. These are woodblock prints - yes really. From a series titled "One Day in East Africa" by the Japanese Shin Hanga master printmaker Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995).

See for more glorious images - Link

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

V is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

V is for ... Vulture

Eric Daglish (1892-1966)
see my earlier posting - Link

A W Seaby

Karl Schmidt Wolfratshausen
found unattributed in the collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art - Link

Ethel Mars (1876-1956)

Wood engravings of Vultures by the American artist and illustrator Barry Moser.

Sorry -- very few Vultures

Here is an aquatint etching by Pablo Picasso

Monday, 16 January 2012

U is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

U is for ... "Ursus Americanus"

Which as we all know is the scientific name for the American Black Bear............ and before the zoologistist amongst you readers post a comment.........some the following might be Grizzly and Brown beers even though they are in black and white !!

Neave Parker (1911-1961)

Fritz Urban Welti (1901-1974)
A Swiss artist born in Zurich, he studied in Cologne, Vienna and Paris. His uncle was the Swiss Symbolist artist Albert Welti. A quick google search, would suggest that he was mainly a printmaker who prefered wood engraving. See for more examples of his art.

Bear Family, 1937
Barbara Latham (1896-1988)
She was an American artist print maker associated with "The American Artists Group". She started her career as a commerical artist after completing studies in New England and New York, before becoming famous for her paintings and prints of the animals and people of the American Southwest.

I thought U was going to be a difficult letter - like all of the last few.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

T is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

T is for ... Tiger

There are some brilliant relief prints of tigers - such a strong angular, almost architectural beast with a striking colour and pattern with a graphic quality. A beast made for artistic study.

So here goes ............ starting with one of the original prints that inspired this series. Not a Bresslern Roth as the auctioneers guaranteed .......

John Dickson Batten

.... and some real Norbertine Bresslern Roth (1891-1978)
completely different composition styles. Batten's flat and very graphic, whilst Bresslern-Roth's are full of life and 3 dimensional. Both are excellent works of art.
see for a good selection of animals

Neave Parker (1910-1961)
forsale at

V. V. Trofimov ??
I found this image - but don't know anything about the artist or their dates.

Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel (1881-1965)
for more of his stunning prints see - Modern Printmakers blog

Elizabeth Sinclair (working England 1950's60's)
available for sale at for £70.00 framed.

................. and some Japanese works.

Hiroshi Yoshida

Toshi Yoshida

I know Gerrie the Linosaurus has also post about Tiger pictures - so remember to visit him to see his selection. - Link

Saturday, 14 January 2012

S is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

S is for ... Swans and Cygnets

Sorry more birds -

William Giles (1873-1939)

A W Seaby

Sybil Andrews
at last - a Grosvenor School print.

Sir William Nicholson

Jessie Arms Botke (1883-1971)
An Amercain artist born in Chicago but based in California. She studied at the Chicago Art Institute.
another new to me name - see Annex Galleries for a fuller biography.
Was for sale at

Dame Eileen Mayo
see my earlier posting.

Leslie V Van Der Sluys (Australian 1939-2010)

Norbetine Bresslern-Roth 

Carl Thiemann (1881-1966)
for a biography - try - Link

Otto Eckmann (1865-1902)

............... and contemporary printmakers include;

"Swans and Cygnets Preen"
a linocut by Ian Phillips (b1969)
see his website, to view some excellent images. For a modern printmaker there is something very traditional about his work. Somewhere between Oscar Droege and A W Seaby.