Saturday, 8 September 2012

S Fonseca - boudoir art

Another artist to add to the list of those creating Boudoir Art etchings during the inter-war period. Initially  viewed another etching on a well known online auction site which clarified my confusion. Apparently it should be read as "S Fonseca"

This small scale dry point etching is signed S Fonseca and is most likely to be French dating to c1930. A slightly too sweet a subject for me with the "girl" teasing cupid with a cherry ? but appealing, I think this is one for the ladies, not the more risque Maurice Milliere "Poupee" that are much admired by the male collector. Quite a commercial image and probably easy to sell in a good clean gallery condition.

But ......... who was S Fonseca ? 

Here is the more recent "find" - the seller doesn't offer any more information on the artist.

You can easily understand my confusion on how to read this signature.

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