Monday, 10 September 2012

Opstand ! - Mystery Printmaker

Another mystery print - a linocut that I bought and sold a few years ago, long before I started my adventures in the blogsphere. These blogs are now such a powerful research tool that I am sure one of our continental friends will solve this mystery within days !

A super strong striking image titled "Opstand !" a name that would suggest an artist from the Netherlands. 

It is annotated in pencil "handdruk" to indicate that the impression was made without the use of a mechanical printing press, but by using hand pressure, polishing/pushing the paper onto the block in a similar technique to Japanese print making.

In addition there is an indistinct monogram in pencil plus the artist's name and date within the block. Which could read as '28 and ???arend or perhaps ? Arend --- any suggestions.
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