Friday, 10 August 2012

more .... Edgar Holloway

I am always amazed at what can be found ......... or when you find it !!

Following on from my posting on Edgar Holloway and his flower prints .... what happens next ??

That's right I walk into an Antique Centre that I have been in 100's of time and there hanging on the wall in the middle of a wall of dog pictures is another Edgar Holloway ....... amazing. How does it work ? has a collection come onto the market and been spread around various dealers? Am I suddenly tuning in on them? Are they actually very common and every shop has one or two? Or is it just down to timing and luck ?? Answers on a postcard please - if not your comments will do.

........ and here it is

Untitled on the print, but the backing card is inscribed "January Morning". Perhaps not the correct title,as the trees and bushes appear to be in full leaf - or may be a southern hemisphere view !! ..... more to think on ? It is a simple but effect composition with 4 or 5 different blocks of colour - reminds me of Eric Hesketh Hubbard (who I like). The eye is led down the lane with a bit of curving perspective to the farm buildings beyond.

Not as technically or artistically excellent as his portrait etchings, but easy to understand and I would imagine an easier seller. We all lose sight of the fact that many of these prints were created "for a living profit" and designed to sell .... it all very clever to create a masterpiece portrait etching,  but if the sitter is an obscure cleric that no one wants hanging on their wall - the artist might starve to death before he sells one.

Then we have the story - attached to the backing was a letter dated 1944 (at least we have a "not after" date for creation) explaining that this was a gift of thanks for deeds done that were "beyond repayment and become everlasting creditors to love" This was wartime and it does not take too much imagination to think of events that evoke such emotions.

 Another point of interest is the double signature -

........ Edgar Holloway has signed it on the bottom right, a traditional position for the artist to sign their work, plus "W H Holloway imp" on the lower left. Of course the clue is "imp", Edgar is the artist and W H Holloway is the printer who was tasked with the hours of inking and printing. A team, like Hesketh Hubbard and Frank Whittingham or James Alphege Brewer and his brother Henry C Brewer or Cavendish and Concord Morton.

But who was W H Holloway ?? not either of his wives or his children - brother, sister, father or mother ??

Help please............
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