Monday, 6 August 2012

Edgar Holloway - Printmaker

Edgar Holloway (1914-2008) - artist printmaker - is name that is known to a few, but a very keen group connoisseur collectors who fight over his series of self portrait etchings when they come up for sale at auction; as a result some can achieve over £1500 on a good day (for the seller, but not the buyer?)

Edgar aged 18 and 80

The inspiration for these portraits was in his own words because;
"I spent a lot of time by myself, so it was a good way to practice"

.... and the practice paid off - these are a captivating series of images from the youthful talent to the aged master of his ar; the group reminds me of the self portraits by Rembrandt.

His work wasn't limited to etched portraits, he also created more traditional landscape and architectural compositions - the one below of Ardingly College, Sussex was one if his later creations dating to the 1970's. Sadly by this period, line etching had fallen out of demand and even today such images are only worth £20-30 - an inexpensive entry level if you wish to collect his work - surely price can only go up !

Eventually I get to the reason for this posting -- a few week ago whilst walking the lines of stalls at the Kempton Antiques Market and rapidly getting down hearted with my failure to spot any thing of interest, my friend Candy, nudges me in the ribs and points to a picture - a Seaby - great just the type I'm looking for. Only one problems, it already in the hands of another buyer. !!**!! just my luck - the only thing there and I miss it by a few seconds.

As we have all done in similar situations we pick up the nearest thing and pretend to be interested in it whilst hoping the other person loses interest in the item we really want. .......... and what do I pick up ??

This pair of indistinctly signed woodblock prints - a pleasing composition, but not a style that I immediately recognise - there is something familiar about the signature but I can't quite get it - just out of recollection, well it was 6.30am !!

I know who made the post that the Chrysanthemums are in - Cranston Pottery by the Pearl Pottery Company - see my earlier posting . The pot shown on the right is almost the identical vase - an interesting aside but that didn't take me nearer to identifying the artist.

Here is the signature - any guesses

Of course it's Edgar Holloway - why didn't I see that straight away ? Compare it to the signature on the Ardingly etching and you see that they are by the same hand and why I couldn't read it.

These are the only two woodblock prints I have seen by this artist, The Linosaurus feature a colourful version of the Chrysanthemums in an earlier posting, but no others ? I guess these are rare survivors. 

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