Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Modern Pentathlon in Bronze

following on from my Decathlon posting...........

Today I try for a Modern Pentathlon in bronze medals..........hopefully and easy task with some beautiful medals to show for their effort. First the history !! this event was created by Baron Pierre de Coubertin for his modern Olympic Games and first held at the 1912 Stockholm Games and first won by a Swedish athlete Gustaf Malcolm "Gösta" Lilliehöök.

The competition combines, Pistol shooting, Epee fencing, Swimming, Show jumping and Cross Country running.

Here is my selection......

Pistol shooting

Epee fencing

Emile Monier


Show Jumping

Cross Country

This pentathlon was surprisingly difficult to complete, partly due to language problems, but mainly because specific medals were not made for these events. Swimming and Fencing were not a problem. However, pistol shooting were scare, most shooting medals featured rifles and that includes those awarded in pistol competitions. The same problem for Cross Country Running, the medals just feature runners all looking like they are running an eye balls out 800m !! So these are the best of a poor selection.

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