Monday, 4 June 2012

Decathlon in Bronze

Just as a challenge - I have tried to find a whole Decathlon of sports medals in bronze. Initially was trying to find one of each designed the Edouard Fraisse (1880-1945) who creative output contained a multitude of sports award medals. I thought this would be an easy task, but soon discovered my error !!

If you are not fans of athletics - then a quick explanation. The Decathlon is a modern outdoor track and field event for men comprising of ten different disciplines over two days.

So here are my selection in competition order;

100metre Sprint

Edouard Fraisse, above and unsigned below.

Long Jump

Left unsigned and right probably L O Mattei 

Shot Put

Louis Octave Mattei

High Jump

no attempts at Fosbury Flops here !

400 metres Sprint

A slightly odd selection, but it was awarded for a 400metre event rather than showing the event.

110 Hurdles

E Fraisse


Latvian on the left and E Fraisse on the right.

Pole Vault

by Henri Dropsy


E Fraisse

1500 metres

both of these are by Edouard Fraisee.

The female outdoor equivalent is the Heptathlon and the Modern Pentathlon is an event created for the modern Olympics that involves 5 non track and fields event - there's two more challenges for future postings !!
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