Saturday, 9 June 2012

Albert Ferro - Boudoir Art

Albert Ferro ? ........... a new name to me or is it Fesso?

These pictures recently appeared for sale with little or no information about the artist. They are boudoir art; etchings, signed and numbered in pencil with publishers details "copyright 1923 by Hautecoeur"; but who was he ? can we find any other information.

The girls are little flat, slightly two dimensional and lack the fun sparkle in the eye of other artists, such as P E Felix or Jean Hardy. All the elements are there, pretty girls fashionable clothes and the splashy aquatint skirts, but they are a bit too monochromatic for my tastes - I want a bit more colour !

The plates are fully etched, not too much empty space, they are oval (which is always popular) and fully signed in pencil. They are worth every penny of the asking price and probably more. You could buy 20 of these for the price of a good Icart !!

Can anyone add to the story ??
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