Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Paul Ordner (1900-1969)

Paul Ordner (1900-1969) is included amongst the boudoir artists because of the series of etching I viewed the website There you will find a selection of images of sexy thirties girls in fashionable flowing gowns, some playing with dogs. All the correct element expected of Jean Hardy or Louis Icart.

These etching are signed in pencil from numbered edition out of 350 and are marked with publisher copyrights to Ch Pelletan, Editeur, Paris. The only slight mystery is; I have not been able to find any other reference to this artist and etchings in the boudoir style ? Paul Ordner; artist, is a very well known commercial illustrator and poster artist, whose poster can command very high prices - up to £1000 in some cases, which makes these originals extremely good value at $175.00-$225.00 each.

Try Googling "Paul Ordner" - I did and got 139,000 hits !!  and not one fact about the man other than his life dates. I guess there must be some in there somewhere, but how long is life !!! after about 20 pages even the most motivated of researchers give up if there is no reward. 

Travel posters from the late 1930's with an example of his signature.

From the dates of magazines and posters that bear his signature I would suggest that his prolific period was from c1933 through to c1960. I have not found anything earlier which might suggest that the boudoir etchings were created at the beginning of his career and were not the commercial success that perhaps he had hope for.

 Magazine illustrations
"Fantasio" c1933 and for "Suze" sports drink c1937

Magazine covers dated 1958 and 1959.

I still do not know who he was and where he studied or who influenced his boudoir art ? Do you know anything............ and if you try to buy from David Chase Gallery... good luck !! They never answer my emails. Perhaps it is a dormant website.

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