Friday, 18 May 2012

Mystery Artist - Woodcuts - Eng ?

These are some recent purchases - a little speculative. I love this type of print; small scale,  farm animals, woodcuts, black on white and with an unreadable signature - they tick all the boxes on my mental "don't buy, they won't sell" list. Which usually means I buy them any way and have them in stock for the next three years.

At least I will have the pleasure of researching this "new to me" and learning something new !! No such luck, I can't even be sure how to read the signature. At the time of purchase, I read it as Ing Murray but now in daylight i'm not sure. Perhaps it's Eng and is it Murry -- any suggestions ?

I'm not even sure in which country we should even start looking - German ? Black Forrest. French or Swiss and Alpine or may Scandanavian ? 

I think I will also list these in my eBay shop, which often prompts comment from non buyers and other bloggers. With luck some kind reader will  tell me they are by "X" and worth millions ?? I'm still waiting for that to happen.

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