Sunday, 13 May 2012

Jean Gilles - Boudoir Art

Etchings signed "Jean Gilles" rarely appear on the market but if you can find them you will think that you have found a work by Jean Hardy or Paul Emile Felix, such is the quality. The faces are full of life, real girls not the flat stylization often encountered.

His work appears as original pencil signed etchings and as lithographic versions signed with a facsimile signature. The lithographic versions were often published by Morris & Bendian NY, a name that is often seen on lithographic boudoir art produced for the American market.

"Bon Soir" lithographic print

Pencil signature (above) found on etchings and facsimile signature (below) seen on lithographs.

Like many of the minor boudoir artists, Jean Gilles must have relied on his commercial art commissions to make a living, rather than perhaps the sale of his originals. It is probable that the etchings were created to be reproduced as postcards or used on menus and posters. For example; below are two versions of the same image, one as an etching the other as a postcard. Unlike the etchings, the postcards are available.

 Postcard and etching.

Other postcard images - 

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