Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Ferat - Boudoir Art

......... more Boudoir Art, this time a minor artist who signs their work Ferat. This artist is rarely seen on for sale and when seen they are usually small scale oval etching/aquatints with a pretty girl in a puff ball or crinoline skirt. They are quite colourful and very pleasant innocuous images, not overly sexual just pretty, very girly - ideal for the ladies dressing room !

Do we have any clues to the artist ? Sometimes they are catalogued as A Ferat, W Ferat and even W Fedat. From various art indexes, I was quite surprised to find a few Ferat's; including; Jules Descartes Ferat (b1812). Pierre Ferat and Serge Ferat (1881-1958) - none of these look like possibles.

The only reference to "A Ferat" was found on ABE Book where he is listed as an artist the contributed an etching to a volume titled "Oeuvres complètes (XIV). CHOSES VUES (I-II)" by Victor Hugo.

Any help ? Please !!

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