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E Naudy - Boudoir Art

E Naudy was another one of the minor boudoir artists, whose pictures have that gay youthful fun of the 1920's. Although he created copper plate boudoir etchings, his name is generally associated with commercial art and illustration for Postcards, calenders and advertisements.

"Polly Parrot Talking" etching published by Paris Etching Society, NY
available at

Typical signature

These pictures are actually quite scarce and when seen are usually lithographic copies of etchings or illustrations. Usually they are signed in pencil but lack the plate marks of genuine copper plate etchings or aquatints (the one above is a real etching with a clear plate mark).

This illustration was found on a menu dated 1953, which was later than expected. This and similar designs was also issued as a series of postcard, each of a different fruit; published by the French firm Barré - Dayez. These postcards seem to date from the 1940's war years, but they is not reason they could have been designed in the 1930's, popular postcards were often printed for decades !! NO limited editions !

Although these designs are now popular and in vogue, from the number of cards surviving a different style was far more popular with the postcard buying public. There are hundred of his cards for sale on such sites as Delcampe and most are either cutesy picture of Eileen Soper like children or historical costume studies.

all the used and dated cards that I have seen date to c1940-45.

After this research I am no nearer find out "who" E Naudy was - perhaps his creative period from the late 1930's through the early 1940's was not a period to establish a reputation as an artist and he or she had to rely on the lesser "commercial illustration" income simply to survive ?

These lovely images are both lithographs which are often signed in pencil.
This type of print is often described as "Gravure Orignale" on French Ebay.

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