Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Coté - Boudoir Prints

Cote ?? a signature in pencil that I have seen on a few small boudoir lithographic prints. Usually in the Icart style with young girls and dogs. I have no idea who Cote was or even whether it is a real name, it's possibly a pseudonym used either by an established artist for some minor works or by a graphic art studio - I am guessing ??

Who ever they were the images are easy to live with and affordable - ideal for the collector or interior designer who are not prepared to pay the price for an "Icart"

This example is titled in pencil "French Dolls" in English, which suggests this was printed for the US market rather than Europe which is confirmed as they were published by the Bernart Corp of NY. They are typically signed "Coté" in pencil with titles in English.

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