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Charles Naillod (1876-1956)

Continuing the boudoir art series with the French artist Charles Naillod (1876-1956). Although he is considered one of the more minor artists working in this genre, his pictures are never the less very sweet and appealing, just the right amount of cuteness without being too sickly sweet. Generally the etchings encountered will be of a smaller scale than perhaps you would expect from the likes of Louis Icart, but when housed in a period carved gilt and painted frame they are "complete works" that are easy to love and at a fraction of the cost of an Icart.

Remember !! that when buying these prints always look for clean bright white paper without unsightly foxing spots. Don't settle for stains, fading or browned paper !! When the description states that the paper is "peu marron" or a little chestnut, they mean it looks like brown paper. Alway inspect these in good light and in person - be warned.

More about the artist ??

Like so many of the more commercial artist, his life story is a little vague, even his dates are questioned. Most sources agree that he was born in Paris on the 6th of June 1876 whilst his death is report as 1941 or 1956. He exhibited quite extensively in Paris from c1905 until the mid 1930's including at the Salon des Independents in 1906 and at the Salon des Artistes Francais. His influence was highly regarded such that he was elected the secretary of the Salon in 1920.

His original etchings are signed in pencil and some have edition sizes - typical example above.

His earlier work, generally larger oils on canvas have a more classical style than his later "boudoir" etchings that have fresher art deco style. Most of the subject I have seen are pretty young  girls (alway popular) he apparently also specialised in sailors ! and as we know "everyone loves a sailor"

From the works seen and reported as being sold at auction we can be certain that he worked in oil, etching and watercolour with his graphic works on paper are seen as original etchings and reproduced as postcards and as commercial art for publications.

Postcards c1910-15

Values for his works have a very large spread from up to $3000 for some oil paintings. For the etchings in a good clean condition with no faults in either a period fancy frame or newly framed gallery quality up to £400.00, much less for items in poor condition. If you are looking for cheaper period items, then his postcards represent excellent value for money - usually selling for less than £10.00.

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