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C Herouard - Boudoir Illustrator

Illustration for "La Vie Parisienne"

Herouard's pictures don't really fit with my interest in boudoir art, as he didn't, as far as I know, produce any colour etching aquatints in the art deco "Icart" style. However, I will add him to the list as it is impossible to ignore his illustrations, they scream boudoir !! all those sexy ladies in compromising positions, caught partially dressed.

As an artist trying to establish a reputation in the world of art - would you want these high up amongst your portfolio ?? may be, may be not. So the use of a pseudonyms and Herouard is such, not the real name of the real artist. His real name is Cheri Louis Marie Aime Haume (1881-1967), a Belgium born artist who trained at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Art Decoratifs from about 1898.

Postcards from the Pre-1920 period.

I do not know why he chose to hide his real name, possibly because his father was not known and he had taken his mothers family name or possibly as a marketing idea ? What is suggested is that his pseudonym was the name of the family he was boarding with whilst studying.

Postcards from the early 1920's

During his early career he illustrated children's books before establishing a reputation for the risque young women his is now remembered for. During a period frim c1907 until about 1920 he illustrated such magazines as La Vie Parisienne, Fantasio and La Baionnette. Whilst also creating commercial art work for adverts, menus and postcards and not all those are the sexy girls, some a quite tame.

advertising postcard design for nice bottle of Burgundy.

...... and here's a slight twist in the tale ........  by the 1930's he was using the pseudonym "Herric" for erotic illustration he drew for illustrated edition of "Les liaisons Dangereuses" by Choderlos de Laclos, "L'Heptaméron" by Marguerite de Navarre and "Confessions d'un enfant du siècle" by Alfred de Musset. The illustrations to these are not to be shown and left for more "specialist" websites. If you need to see an example then visit

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