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Andre Lambert (1884-1967)

"La Rubia" original etching signed in pencil.

André Lambert (1884-1967) was a French born artist who designed theatrical costumes, make-up; but is especially known for his erotic art. He studied in Munich under H Van Habermann followed by further study in Paris. Amongst his earliest jobs was working on the German satirical magazine Simlicissimas, a magazine similar to the British Punch. Other graphic artists associated with this magazine included; Bruno Paul, Josef Benedikt Engl, Rudolf Wilke and Ferdinand von Reznicek. He also work on "Jugend" a magazine in direct competition to Simlicissimas. His illustrative style strongly resembles that of Aubrey Beardsley with hit of Austrian Secession.

Jugend - 1908

By 1917 he had return to France, spending sometime in Brittany before establishing a base in Montmatre, Paris. In 1919 he and his associate Georges Aubault founded the magazine Janus, which was written entirely in Latin, despite this it ran until 1924 !!

After his time in Paris, he moved to Spain where he devoted himself to illustrating classic works of literature with his own brand of erotic art. His illustrations can be compared to those of Paul Emile Becat or Eduoard Chimot. He did not just specialise in erotic images, but his range of subjects was just wider than most. You can find the ordinary everyday landscapes views, period and costume studies to pictures of girls in bed who are more than familiar with each other !!

 Danseuse a la Coupe de Fruits and La Metamorphoses, both 1930

With many boudoir artists, a glimpse of a nipple or a stocking top is the most risque their pictures are. Whilst for others, such details are so tame and safe that they would hardly cause a blick or extra heart beat. These are the men who specialised in Erotica and Andre Lambert was an artist who was better known for these images than his boudoir art.

 Illustraion to 'Casanova: une Aventure d'Amour a Venise', pub 1927 (right)

Many of the work on the market are plates from illustrated books and whilst often etchings that are normally unsigned. Try and look out for the original gouache paintings or pencil signed etchings.

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