Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cataroghe Nr Bruges - Linocut Mystery

I have had this little woodcut or linocut print sitting in stock for a couple of years. It was very cheap, so I bought it even though the condition was poor. Print on to the finest of tissue papers and laid down on folded card.

It is signed in pencil with the initials M.H.W or possibly M.M.W and titled something like "Cataroghe, Nr Bruges" The folded card format is a Christmas card and bears a full signature, possibly the artist ?

The mysteries here, are; Where is Cataroghe (probably read incorrectly) and who was M.H.W. Amateur ? or better.

The composition of a tree lined road is familar to us all - remember Monet and especially the collaborations between Sir Frank Brangwyn and Urushibara, including some from the Ten Woodcut portfolio.

As I mentioned earlier, I do have a name to work with and I will continue my research complete the next posting. However, I would appreciate any advice as to attribution and location. Please leave comments.
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