Friday, 2 March 2012

Throstle ? Flycatcher not a Thrush

Thank you Gerrie -

I now know that the subject of the woodblock print by Martin Erich Philipp that I featured in yesterdays posting is not a Thrush but a bird called in German a Schamadrossel, which in English, a White-Rumped Shama.

My confusion about the title was caused by this birds scientific classisfication - It is currently classified as a member of the Muscucapidae family of old world flycatchers. Whilst it was formerly clasified as a member of the Turdidae or Thrush family and as a result it is commonly known as a Shama Thrush.

I guess for our poor old ill-informed gallery owner in the 1930's, it was only a few hops and skips to our Anglicised title; "The Throstle"
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