Monday, 26 March 2012

Eric Hesketh Hubbard - St Anne's Gateway from the East

Words have already been aired on the blogsphere about the merits and values of the various versions of Eric Hesketh Hubbard's print, "St Anne's Gateway from the East" from the folio titled "The Gates of Salisbury Cathedral Close" published by Eric's own Forest Press in 1925.

I thought it would be fair to readers to view both version of this image together with the other prints from the folio, together with photos of each of the buildings.

I hope that I can avoid too much opinion and allow the collectors and enthusiasts amongst you to simply enjoy these works of art. I don't even mind if you keep a copy for your "virtual collection"

1. S. Anne's Gateway From The East

2. S. Anne's Gateway From The West

3.The Close Gateway From The South 

4. Harnham Gateway From The East 

5. Exeter Gateway From The East 

Not my best posting - but it should give you a "then and now" view.

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