Thursday, 15 March 2012

Alphege- Brewer goes to Venice

James Alphege Brewer, seems to have being doing his own modern Grand Tour - from Lake Como and Lake Lugano he has now found his way to Venice. Whilst he was there he travelled a bit on the Grand  Canal viewing the Rialto Bridge in the evening light - or did he really enjoy himself and this was his view in the morning !

These are both coloured etching on copper, probably with aquatint and some hand colouring. The top one has an atmospheric sky with points of light drawing you under the bridge. The Doges Palace, below also has the rich evening light whilst the second view is a more traditional architectural study with some colouring. Sadly, I feel this day light version is somewhat flat, soleless !! 

Plain dark line etching has dropped out of fashion, I don't know why, probably they just don't feel "moderne" enough for contemporary tastes. However, these coloured etching should be ideal for moderne decorators seeking colour. James did create some standard black line etching, examples below. They are detailed but currently of little interest to collectors.

If anyone has a woodcut of Venice - please email me a picture.
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