Friday, 23 March 2012

Alphege-Brewer goes to France

We are still travelling with James Alphege-Brewer and he has now travelled to France - on his way to Venice or on the way back ? The first print is a woodcut of Mt Blanc, a very similar style to those of Lake Como and Lugano, so perhaps created after the same trip.

Very similar trees to those found to the left of the "On the Dochart (Perthshire)" - remenisant of the woodcuts by Oscar Droege of the mountain pine and birch trees.

When compared to his etchings you wonder whether these were created later - perhaps in to the 1930's, whilst the etching seem to date to the WW1 era.

James did the full tour of the French "sites" including cathedrals at Verdun, Rouen, Amien and Rheims

This is the Cathedrale Notre Dame du Verdun from his coloured etching titled "Verdun from the Meuse" published c1916. I wonder whether these were created as grand tour souvenirs or bought by soldiers or their families during WW1.

 The Catheral at Rheims.
exterior and interior.

and finally a watercolour painting of Chartes Cathedral featuring the stained glass window as an example of what he is best known for - his coloured etchings of church interiors.

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