Monday, 16 January 2012

U is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

U is for ... "Ursus Americanus"

Which as we all know is the scientific name for the American Black Bear............ and before the zoologistist amongst you readers post a comment.........some the following might be Grizzly and Brown beers even though they are in black and white !!

Neave Parker (1911-1961)

Fritz Urban Welti (1901-1974)
A Swiss artist born in Zurich, he studied in Cologne, Vienna and Paris. His uncle was the Swiss Symbolist artist Albert Welti. A quick google search, would suggest that he was mainly a printmaker who prefered wood engraving. See for more examples of his art.

Bear Family, 1937
Barbara Latham (1896-1988)
She was an American artist print maker associated with "The American Artists Group". She started her career as a commerical artist after completing studies in New England and New York, before becoming famous for her paintings and prints of the animals and people of the American Southwest.

I thought U was going to be a difficult letter - like all of the last few.
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