Sunday, 15 January 2012

T is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

T is for ... Tiger

There are some brilliant relief prints of tigers - such a strong angular, almost architectural beast with a striking colour and pattern with a graphic quality. A beast made for artistic study.

So here goes ............ starting with one of the original prints that inspired this series. Not a Bresslern Roth as the auctioneers guaranteed .......

John Dickson Batten

.... and some real Norbertine Bresslern Roth (1891-1978)
completely different composition styles. Batten's flat and very graphic, whilst Bresslern-Roth's are full of life and 3 dimensional. Both are excellent works of art.
see for a good selection of animals

Neave Parker (1910-1961)
forsale at

V. V. Trofimov ??
I found this image - but don't know anything about the artist or their dates.

Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel (1881-1965)
for more of his stunning prints see - Modern Printmakers blog

Elizabeth Sinclair (working England 1950's60's)
available for sale at for £70.00 framed.

................. and some Japanese works.

Hiroshi Yoshida

Toshi Yoshida

I know Gerrie the Linosaurus has also post about Tiger pictures - so remember to visit him to see his selection. - Link
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