Saturday, 14 January 2012

S is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

S is for ... Swans and Cygnets

Sorry more birds -

William Giles (1873-1939)

A W Seaby

Sybil Andrews
at last - a Grosvenor School print.

Sir William Nicholson

Jessie Arms Botke (1883-1971)
An Amercain artist born in Chicago but based in California. She studied at the Chicago Art Institute.
another new to me name - see Annex Galleries for a fuller biography.
Was for sale at

Dame Eileen Mayo
see my earlier posting.

Leslie V Van Der Sluys (Australian 1939-2010)

Norbetine Bresslern-Roth 

Carl Thiemann (1881-1966)
for a biography - try - Link

Otto Eckmann (1865-1902)

............... and contemporary printmakers include;

"Swans and Cygnets Preen"
a linocut by Ian Phillips (b1969)
see his website, to view some excellent images. For a modern printmaker there is something very traditional about his work. Somewhere between Oscar Droege and A W Seaby.

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