Saturday, 31 December 2011

J is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

J is for ... JAY

The obvious choice. But what else could I have chosen ??

Jackdaw, Jaguar, Jackel and ..... ?

"The Haunt of the Jay"
William Giles (1872-1939)
see - asking price $3200.00 !
A good start. A classic British wood block print by one of the best. 

"Gray Jay"
by Betsy Bowen. Described as a full colour woodblock print.
Contemporary American artist specialising in hand cut and printed works, often published as limited edition books. See her website

Steller's Jay
Chandler O'Leary
contemporary American - See Etsy

"Hibiscus Mutabilis and Jay"
Utagawa Hiroshige (Japanese 1797-1858)

I need a few more for this posting -- any suggestions ??

Thursday, 29 December 2011

I is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

I is for ... Ibis

all the "I" animals are difficult - how many woodcut of Iguanas or Ibex have you seen. The easy choice would have been insects, too many of those, it would have been a bit of a cheat. Similarly, with species such as the Indian this or Indonesian that - so, I was left with the Ibis.

a pretty red example - see

Ibis are a group of about 30 species of birds, easily recognised by their long necks and large curving beaks. They come in all the colours of a rainbow and sizes from 5cm to 1m and are found all over the southern hemisphere. - With luck an artist some where has created a print which includes at least one !!

........... and straight to the southern hemisphere for my first choice.

By Leslie V Van Der Sluys (1939-2010)
He was an Australian artist who was born and studied in Melbourne. His works include hand coloured linocuts. Click HERE to see more works.

"Ibis (Pensive)" wood engraving 1933
Lionel Lindsay (1874-1961) Australian
Click HERE for more information.

"Flying Chinese Crested Ibis"
Hideaki Tatehori (Japanese b1956)

I did find an excellent artist blog by Sherrie York where you can follow the processes in creating a reduction linocut of these Ibises. - Click here to see more.

Friday, 23 December 2011

H is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

H is for ... Hare

other choices could have been - Hyena, Hippopotamus,  Horse, Hamster, Hedgehog, Heron, Hornet, Hummingbird or even Herring. I could not do Heron as I have already used Egret and I could not find many woodcuts of Hamsters !

With a little bit of searching, hopefully I will find plenty of Hares.

Allen W Seaby is good for a few hares - here are two different versions of the same composition.

Hare in Snow - Agnes Miller Parker
available as a greetings card

Sadly I am struggling to find any older Hares ?? 

.......... but quite a few by contemporary artists.

Andrew Haslen (born 1953). He specialises in nature studies including birds and many Hares and has even written a book called "The Winter Hare". These prints are linocut and watercolour and are published in small editions of 30. Other prints include screenprints in larger edition. He was elected a member of the Society of Wildlife Artist and has won many awards including; the R.S.N.C. 'Natural World' Art Award 1992 & 1997, the R.S.P.B. Art Award 1996 & 1999 and has been selected to exhibit at Birds in Art exhibition, Leigh Yawkey Art Museum, Wisconsin, USA. To buy these pictures - see his website -

Robert Gillmor - contemporary wildlife artist a grandson of A W Seaby. His print a currently being reproduced as greeting cards, which represent an affordable method of obtaining a his work. Or you try and find a copy of his book Cutting Away: The Linocuts of Robert Gillmor.


Some other modern printmakers

"Storm Hare"
Lino Print by Jeremy James - Link

Viz Arlington - Hare and Moon
a relief print sold by this American artist on

Kathleen Lindsley (born 1951)
based on the Isle of Skye - See her website to buy her work

"Hare and the moon " A Limited Edition Original Linocut Print from a very small edition of only 9 in red. Hand printed on BFK Rives printing paper and numbered, titled and handsigned in pencil by GIULIANA LAZZERINI. See her Etsy shop - click here

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

G is for ...Animal Woodblock ABC

G is for ... Goose and Geese

and to start with - Arthur Rigden Read (1879-1955) with his woodblock print "Michaelmas Goose". His series of "character" are rare amongst British woodblock printing as they are figural, a subject usually left to the line engravers.

Thomas Austen Brown
with a gaggle of geese.
I have already posted several times on this artist - click here

Canadian Geese
Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe (1901-79)
Master wildlife artist including many fine wood engravings.
Link to more of his work - Link

I could not find any A W Seaby geese, so here are "Red Breasted Geese" by his grandson Robert Gillmor

European artists, include

Norbetine Bresslern-Roth (1891-1978)
Always a reliable source of linocuts featuring animals.
This one is for sale at

and to the rest of the world.....

Allan Jordan (1898-1992)
See - Gerrie's Linosaurus posting for a few more pictures by this Australian artist.

"Boy and Goose" by Eliza Draper Gardiner

"Weighing the Geese"
Charles Turzak (1899- 1986)
American printmaker

Charles Turzak was born in Streator, Illinois of Czech decent. After winning a prize contest sponsored by the Purina Company, studied at the Chicago Art Institute, graduating in 1924. He also travelled around Europe studying and work various odd jobs in and around Chicago before traveling to Europe for futher study. Click here to a more and see the collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art - Link

Finally a few contemporary artists..................

Martha Ives - click here for more information

"Chingoteague" a reduction linocut
by Orla Harte - see Etsy
I just love the light and reflections.

Monday, 19 December 2011

F is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

F is for ... Fox

It had to be foxes, as we were heading out early (5.30am) for a buying trip a Kempton Park Antiques Market; there he was sitting under a lamp-post watching us without a care in the world. Lovely animals, at least until they get into the neighbour's chicken run or rip open the rubbish sacks !!

So what woodblocks and linocut can we find featuring Foxes ?

I think we should start with a few traditional Japanese prints - some weird compositions here.

Dancing Fox
Ohara Koson  (1877-1945)

As for the Europeans

Allen William Seaby (1867-1953)

Agnes Miller Parker (1895-1980)
wood engraving

Allen Lewis
woodcut for book illustration

And finally to the USA

Henry Wolf (engraver) "A Fox Hunt"
wood engraving after an original by Wilmslow Homer (1836-1910), American

"Fox in the Sunflowers" - woodblock print
Beckie Prange
contemporary American - click here to view her work

Barry Moser (American b1940)
Click here to view his work

I am a little disappointed with my selection. All these are lovely images, especially the Seaby and "Fox in the Sunflowers". However, I was hoping for more - colourful European works. I think the foxes have been lost in the landscapes and not mentioned in either titles or descriptions and translation problems. - Please email with suggestions.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

E is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

E is for ... Egret

Those lovely little white Herons that appear from time to time next to our streams and ponds.

This was an easy choice as these birds have been the subject of many great Japanese artist and a few europeans - I hope.

"Little Egret"
Nakamura Shundei (1904-66)
for sale at Ohmi Gallery

Ohara Koson (Shoson) (1877-1945)
many beautiful Egrets from this master. Above and the 4 below.

And for the move to Europe - Yoshijiro Urushibara (1889-1953)

..... and before you think it - yes he was Japanese. However, most of his best work was executed whilst in Britain, collaborating the Sir Frank Brangwyn and teaching the art of woodblock printing to; Walter J Phillips, John Platt and Allen William Seaby, All great names.

I am struggling with european artists. I know Robert Gillmor did an excellent linocut, "Little Egret" as it is illustrated in his book "Cutting Away" - but who else ?

Anne Lewis - contemporary British
See her website to buy her prints -

Little Egrets on Saltmarsh - Cley, Norfolk (3 colour linocut)
Max Angus - contemporary British
see his website -

And to America, with
Egrets c1910
Ethels Mars (1876-1956) - Provincetown
An American artist printmaker, born in Springfield, Illinois. She studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy before working as a book illustrator. Together her companion, Maud Squires, she moved to Paris c1906 and remained there until her death. There was a period during WW1 when she returned to the USA, working in Provincetown. She exhibited at the Paris Salon, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Society of Western Artist, Art Institute of Chicago and Provincetown Art Association.

And to Australia

Egrets - dated 1939
Etheleen Mary Palmer (1906-58)

I'm disappointed with this selection - really with the lack of old British and European examples. Surely some one was inspired by those Japanese woodblock to create their our version ?