Wednesday, 4 January 2012

N is for .. Animal Woodblock ABC

N is for ... Nuthatch

Sorry - another bird - I have tried to find another breed of animal but failed. Try for yourself - here some other suggestions; Newt, Natterjack Toad, Narwhal or even a Nijssenis's Dwarf Chihlid ?

William Selzter Rice (1873-1963)
American - not our European variety !
See Gallery -

Charley Harper
contemporary artist - see his website
and sorry - it's a serigraph not a woodblock print.

Here is another blog posting following an artist through the processes of creating this woodblock print of a Nut hatch - Click here to see.

.........again not a woodblock but an illustration with the block print style and ready to include in any animal alphabet - link

Sorry Gerrie - this is my first semi-cheat - I will try harder. My next letter "O" is a good one and again a bird. Any guesses ?
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